Children Education Foundation

Supporting Orphanages and Schools in Nepal, Africa and Brazil

NECO Home Orphanage Kathmandu, Nepal
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Founded by Cyrus Parvini in January 2011 as a 501(C) 3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization in Los Altos, California. Providing financial support for living expenses and education of orphan children in Nepal and children in Africa and Brazil. Children Education Foundation has met the children’s basic needs such as food, clothing, medical care, and educational requirements of these children since 2011.

ADCAM Foundation – Amazon, Brazil
Nepalgunj Orphanage – Nepalgunj, Nepal
Anderson Associations – Rwanda, Africa
Gatehill Children Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
Children Education Foundation
Produced by Radiant Century Productions
Pars TV Interview with Executive Director, Cyrus Parvini of Children Education Foundation